the Poppies

A friend and I adventured after classes one day to the Poppy fields in Lake Elsinore, California to take some fun pictures! I will be sharing the ones I took of her soon!

Hat: Little store in Vienna, Austria

Romper: Marshalls

Necklace: Dear Mushka

San Fran Day 3

On the third day of San Fran we took a ferry over to Alcatraz Island where we took a tour and found the Island to be so beautiful! Check out Kiani’s vlog!

San Fran Day 2

Second day in San Fransisco we decided to adventure around and take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and ride the Trolley downtown. Check out the vlog!

San Fran Day 1

In our first day in San Fransisco we visited a garden coffee shop, the Painted Ladies Houses, and this yummy Mac and Cheese place called Mac’d- (totally 5 stars btw). Also Mathilde tried Krispy Kreme’s for the first time and I felt that was worth noting. Check out Kiani’s vlog!

Along the Coast

On our way to San Fransisco, we took the very scenic route up the Pacific Coast Highway on the edge of California. Check out Kiani’s fun vlog!



As we traveled up the coast of Cali, we made a pit-stop in the beautiful beach in Malibu to adventure around the pier. We had a good time.

Mint Juleps

Disneyland has such aesthetic features! From a fun, creative environment, to tasty treats that have Mickey Mouse features, the entire park is themed for enjoyment! On this day I tried my first Mint Julep and let me tell you- it’s a great thing!

mint julep2

Yosemite National Park

Here are some extra pictures from my adventure to Yosemite, National Park in California on my way back from our road trip to San Fransisco!

and then of course, we had to stop at Panda Express before continuing our long drive.

and then of course, we had to stop at Panda Express before continuing our long drive.

Cozumel, Mexico

Over Christmas break, my family took a trip to the Island of Cozumel, Mexico off of Cancun and I made a little recap video of our trip!