I had the idea to design stickers based off the songs by Sleeping at Last, written about each of the 9 Enneagram types! You can find his songs and podcasts here:

Each of Sleeping At Last’s songs are written intentionally, with details hidden beneath each lyric and meaning behind the musicality.  I wanted to create my stickers with the same intentionality and care towards each design choice.   

Here’s my Enneagram type 5 sticker and the reasons behind it:

  • fives like to process and have space to do so, so the negative space in the design represents that

  • the dark colors show how they tend to keep to themselves until they are ready to share with people and illuminate their knowledge which is represented then by the light behind the silhouetted buildings  

  • the telescope represents how they love learning and searching for knowledge, and how at their healthiest, they love others through sharing what they’ve discovered

  • the planets are mentioned in the song and are also i think one of the things in creation that we still have so much to discover. when i look at the stars i see and feel hope and i would imagine that when fives look at the vastness of knowledge hidden in the sky they’re excited too.

  • the font i chose is nothing special and somewhat looks simple plain and childish, i wanted it to show how gives when healthy are humble about their intellect and understanding about the world as a child and be always willing to learn from a place of humility.

Becca Meyer