I had the idea to design stickers based off the songs by Sleeping at Last, written about each of the 9 Enneagram types! You can find his songs and podcasts here:

Each of Sleeping At Last’s songs are written intentionally, with details hidden beneath each lyric and meaning behind the musicality.  I wanted to create my stickers with the same intentionality and care towards each design choice.   

Here’s my Enneagram type 6 sticker and the reasons behind it:

  • circle because sixes are people centered and all about inclusion and the loving the people hard in their circle- they’re loyal 

  • the purple represents how they struggle with fear, like in the movie Inside Out 

  • the texture reminds me of a moon, symbolizing how they tend to focus on things in the dark but the contrast is in the lettering being bright and actually illuminated to show that they need to look for the light in the darkness 

Becca Meyer