I had the idea to design stickers based off the songs by Sleeping at Last, written about each of the 9 Enneagram types! You can find his songs and podcasts here:

Each of Sleeping At Last’s songs are written intentionally, with details hidden beneath each lyric and meaning behind the musicality.  I wanted to create my stickers with the same intentionality and care towards each design choice.   

Here’s my Enneagram type 7 sticker and the reasons behind it:

  • blue to represent the hope-fullness of the sky, as part seven, I am most at peace when staring at the clouds and daydreaming about adventures I could escape on

  • The sticker is a unique shape that is all over the place and not a usual and expected design, it is not in a pattern, or a routine, but unexpected and fun

  • the colors because I feel like they simply represent joy

  • crazy font, nothing the same, exciting 

  • There is an airplane because they usually love to travel, and its paper airplane because it shows youthfulness 

  • balloon as a nod to Bob Goff, who was a part of inspiring the song 

  • flowers because they find beauty in every situation, even beauty in ugly weeds and hard times 

  • birds because they long to be free.

Becca Meyer