I had the idea to design stickers based off the songs by Sleeping at Last, written about each of the 9 Enneagram types! You can find his songs and podcasts here:

Each of Sleeping At Last’s songs are written intentionally, with details hidden beneath each lyric and meaning behind the musicality.  I wanted to create my stickers with the same intentionality and care towards each design choice.   

Here’s my Enneagram type 3 sticker and the reasons behind it:

  • - colors represent gold, silver, bronze, pointing to the lyrics in the song and also to how three’s are success driven  

  • shape based off of a seal of approval because they long for God and others approval and feel the need to impress or earn love

  • circle cuz they’re well rounded people

  • they are great leaders, and often lead from behind and push others to be their best, like a shadow, represented in the lettering behind “i’m enough”

  • they’re known as the achievers so I over achieved in a way and used many details

  • also a small nod to my mom, she really appreciates South America and my sister said this design has the feel of their design

Becca Meyer