I had the idea to design stickers based off the songs by Sleeping at Last, written about each of the 9 Enneagram types! You can find his songs and podcasts here:

Each of Sleeping At Last’s songs are written intentionally, with details hidden beneath each lyric and meaning behind the musicality.  I wanted to create my stickers with the same intentionality and care towards each design choice.   

Here’s my Enneagram type 2 sticker and the reasons behind it:

  • - The sticker is oval because it’s face shaped, and the colors resemble skin tones because the 2s are people centered and focused 

  • -  instead of drawing onto the graphic, I erased from the original shape symbolizing how they give from themselves and pour out constantly on others 

  • -  the word love is written in, red, on top of the design, however, to represent how 2’s need to allow others to pour into and love on them 

  • -  the letters are small and thin in the shape to symbolize how twos make themselves smaller to make others larger and more of the focus

  • -  I got to finish this design in the room where I first hear the song, about the enneagram and tangibly about God’s love for me, I’m a two and so the meaning of this sticker is close to me.  

Becca Meyer